Adnaco-S1B PCIe Gen 2 Expansion System

Adnaco-S1B-01-000-S is part of Adnaco-S1B PCIe Gen 2 Expansion System.

Adnaco-S1B-01-000-S utilizes multi-mode transceivers therefore requires Adnaco-FC1 multi-mode cables which can not exceed 250m limited by the type of transceivers.

Adnaco-S1B (part #: Adnaco-S1B-01-000-S, see data sheet for details) includes:

  • Adnaco-H1A-01: Host Adapter with multi-mode transceiver and standard height bracket
  • Low profile bracket for Adnaco-H1A 
  • Adnaco-R1BP1B-01 backplane with multi-mode transceiver and 4 PCIe slots (see data sheet for details)
  • I/O shield for ATX case